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Rockland Autism Symposium Registration

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Here is the information about how to register for the October 27th Rockland Autism Symposium

This year there will be a very modest non-refundable enrollment fee of $20.00 for securing a seat at this renowned symposium. The fee proceeds will be used to enhance programs or services provided to Venture consumers which may include Creative Arts (computer-assisted instruction in Vocabulary, word recognition, & identification) or Recreational Sports (adaptive basketball or swimming in our North Campus Summer Camp).
  • You will be able to register multiple attendees at one time, but will be required to pay the enrollment fee for each seat requested.
  • Online registration for the 2016 Rockland Autism Symposium will open at 12:01 AM on September 15, 2016.
  • For first timers, the ONLY way to register for this event is to use the simple and easy online registration process - there is no mail-in or call-in registration process. Really.
  • The Rockland Autism Symposium is administered by the Venture Foundation, LTD, which is recognized as a 501c3 tax exempt entity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Even so, the $20 per-person fee is not tax-deductible because the value of goods and services being provided at the Symposium is in excess of the enrollment fee.
  • On the day of the Symposium, please bring your email receipt of your enrollment as proof of payment. If multiple people are enrolled at one time, each person should obtain a copy of the emailed receipt which will all display a common Enrollment Number. The registration attendant will mark off each individual under that common number and any additional requests greater than the number of the group paid for will require an additional fee.
  • Finally, for those that seek additional certification for attending the Symposium, this year there will be an additional $20 fee to procure the certificate; there will be staff there to help you with that at the end of the conference.
The Rockland Autism Symposium Online Registration is now open, please click here to registration online.

The Seasons of Chance Raffle

Monday, August 29, 2016

Announcing a new type of Raffle

A progressive raffle for each season with limited ticket sales, featuring:

a $2500 Fall Raffle (September -November with a Winter drawing) selling 200 tickets for $25 each

a $5000 Winter Raffle (December - February with a Spring drawing) selling 200 tickets for $50 each
a $7500 Spring Raffle (March - May with a Summer drawing) selling 200 tickets for $75 each
a $10,000 Summer Raffle (June - August with a Fall drawing) selling 200 tickets for $100 each
Commit to a ticket for each season at a total cost of $250 and a chance to win as much as $25,000
and be entered  to win an additional prize which will be awarded after the Fall drawing.
(In the event less than 200 tickets are sold for any season, the prize will be awarded as a 50/50)


The Seasons of Chance Raffle


John A Murphy Scholarship

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In 1971 Legislator John A. Murphy uncertainly began a trek through our local legislature that would result in a 44 year-long journey of joy. Beginning in an uncharted wilderness, he crystallized a vision over time and bore down with laser-like focus on the most worthy of tasks; improving the living conditions of those in Rockland County that could not fend for themselves. He, and others, fought the never-ending battles surrounding the world of those with developmental disabilities and more recently homeless veterans.

This "man for all reasons" has just retired from the County Legislature and will now focus full-time on a myriad of other "human care" projects - as you might expect!  In honor of his impact, the John A. Murphy Human Compassion Scholarship has been established as an annual award for one male and one female high school student in Rockland County. A scholarship committee will select winners based upon their demonstrated history of community involvement and caring and selfless actions that benefit those who cannot fight for themselves. 

To donate to the scholarship, please click here: Donate Now →

 Please contact us with any questions at (845) 624-5402.  

We are Inspired!

We are extremely inspired by the generosity and friendship of so many people who give their support to the Venture Foundation and the fact that they come from all walks of life.  It would seem that  they all share one thing in common, a deep appreciation for the important work done by Camp Venture in caring for Rockland County’s intellectually disabled and mentally challenged population.

Throughout the year generous contributions are received regularly from families and relatives of Venture’s residents, and from those who have their special person in one of Venture’s excellent day programs, or its evening and weekend recreation/ respite programs.  

Moreover, so many individuals in our neighborhoods and communities, our local corporations and businesses, national companies, and family foundations have chosen Venture as their favorite charitable organization and continue to make their annual donations to the Venture Foundation.  Gifts range in size from $10 to $10,000 and much more, so that in return, the Foundation is able to support Camp Venture’s array of vital programs and services.

Almost 100% of our folks here receive Medicare or Medicaid. Unfortunately, government reimbursements are not always adequate in meeting the actual costs of providing the top-notch, quality of care that Venture aspires to provide for our people.  Fortunately, your charitable contributions help offset the shortfalls. They pay for the extras such as running the Summer Camp, the Therapeutic Equestrian Center, our Creative Arts and Recreation programs where the newest in technology and treatment offers enjoyment and enrichment to each person.

While you’re here visiting our website, we hope that what you see will inspire you to give, or if you are already one of our generous givers, to increase you donations to the Foundation however you are able.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and compassion toward those who need our help.   We appreciate you!   

Yours in Spirit,

The Venture Family

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Rockland Autism Symposium
Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Of Special Note

Camp Venture & Just-A-Buck Store

Camp Venture joins the Just-A-Buck family as a retail franchise in a partnership to create a new path to employment. The store is located at 26 West Ramapo Road Rosman Center, in Garnerville, NY  
(845) 942-5800

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